The LYNXview Configuration

Project Management and Information Dissemination

3D model

LYNXview is a software tool for managing and disseminating geoscience information, allowing display, presentation, reporting and monitoring of project information and progress. LYNXview is a powerful, easy to use, on-line networking tool, offering fast, on-line management, processing and dissemination of geoscience information from the convenience of your desktop PC. LYNXview facilitates fast retrieval and processing of project information ... information assimilation has never been this easy! ... non-technical staff are able to use the software with minimal training and project data integrity is always ensured.

LYNXview is driven by a simple, intuitive, point-and-click, Motif graphics interface ... designed for geoscience applications. A session facility allows retention of display parameters for rapid retrieval of visual information. These and other features reduce the learning curve to the minimum. LYNXview is designed as a desktop extension of the LYNX system for 3D geoscience modeling, allowing PC access to a LYNX database with appropriate networking and X-emulation capabilities.