The LYNX Graphics Interface

A 3D Window to the Geological Subsurface

3D model

LYNX is an integrated system of 3D application tools for characterization, analysis and engineering of subsurface information ... from 3D integration of all geo-data sources, and prediction, risk assessment and visualization of complex conditions ... to design, planning and production of complex mining and geo-engiuneering excavations and structures.

The LYNX graphics interface is your window to the geological subsurface and excavation planning. Designed to industry graphics standards including Motif and X-Windows, the point-and-click multi-window interface makes 3D navigation of the subsurface an intuitive, simple process.

3D Mine Model

LYNX integrates with your office standards  - Open-ended design and data standards facilitate linking with your in-house software and third party products such as CAD, GIS and spreadsheet systems. Adherence to software and hardware standards ensures platform portability and compatibility with peripheral devices... protecting your investment in hardware and training.

                   3D Environmental Model

Advanced 3D modeling tools - LYNX simplifies 3D characterization of the subsurface through the use of advanced, integrated raster and vector modeling algorithms. The core volume modeling technology allows interactive interpretation of complex geological conditions, integrated with advanced geostatistical prediction algorithms, with generic application across the geosciences.  The results provide an enhanced appreciation of the subsurface... and a logical basis for strategic planning, risk assessment and decision making for all geoscientists.