System Configuration and Support Options

The LYNX open-ended system design facilitates interfacing with client and third-party software. Adherence to industry standards, flexibility in platform choice, and comprehensive professional support services ensure a productive, long term solution.
LYNX Module and Extension Options
  • A LYNX license provides integrated access to all LYNX applications through a simple, easy to use, Motif graphics interface.

  • An unrestricted, multi-user license to LYNXview is included with each LYNX installation.
Every LYNX installation is a full system implementation that includes all data management, 2D/3D visualization, modeling, geostatistics and engineering applications.

The LYNXview option provides a cost-effective solution for efficient management and dissemination of project information for users requiring look-see-report-only access .... without jeopardizing project integrity in any way.

Software Standards
Adherence to industry software and hardware standards ensures maximum system portability and compatibility with respect to hardware platforms, peripheral devices and operating systems .... thus protecting client investment in hardware, user training and software.
  • UNIX Operating System
  • NFS Networking
  • Fortran and C Languages
  • X.Windows Graphics
  • OSF Motif Graphics Interface

3rd Party Software Support
  • ASCII file data import/export of geoscience data structures with a wide range of formatting options for data interfacing with external technologies.
  • ASCII file report export of all system text reports for spreadsheet manipulation or report reformatting.
  • DXF data file import/export of map data structures for GIS and CAD applications.
  • HPGL plot file export for external plot processing.
  • graphics image file export (enhanced visualization option only) in a range of standard formats for presentation purposes.
Open-ended system design and built in data file standards facilitate interfacing with client software and third party GIS, CAD, spread-sheet and database products.

Hardware Support Options
Hardware support includes recommendations and advice to clients on appropriate, cost-effective workstation and peripheral configurations.


Clients have the option of providing their own hardware, or taking advantage of the LYNX turnkey delivery option including hardware and pre-installed, verified software.
  • UNIX Graphics Workstations: Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics, IBM and SUN.
  • X-Station and PC X-Emulation support with appropriate networking and graphics capabilities.
  • digitizers: GTCO, Calcomp 9500, KURTA and Summagraphics.
  • plotters: all Hewlett-Packard products and fully HPGL compatible plotters.
  • printers: all workstation- supported printers for text reporting; PostScript and PCL (HP only) compatible printers for graphics image printing.

Product Licensing Options
  • single seat licenses for start-up applications.
  • multiple seat network licenses provide maximum access and efficient usage for corporate applications.
  • multiple installation discounts for more than one installation within an organization.
  • academic and research discounts for teaching and research-oriented applications.
LYNX product licensing flexibility ensures a cost-effective solution tailored to client size, distribution, work-load and objectives, and allows client computer applications to grow with demand.