Lynx Support Services

Software Solutions for Mining, Environmental and Geotechnical Applications

Support services include client-site installation of LYNX technology, user training, implementation/integration of LYNX with client processes, hot line application support, and release of regular LYNX upgrades. Professional services include specialized consulting based on in-house expertise and computer processing and visualization resources ... to educational seminars on geoscience modeling tailored to industry requirements.

We guarantee responsive support  -  Support, including direct access to hotline applications support and user support on new releases, is automatically included in your first year with LYNX ( and annually renewable for subsequent years).  We make every effort to ensure that you become and remain a proficient LYNX user. When you acquire a license to LYNX, we insist you receive appropriate training ... we want to increase your productivity from day one.

We keep you on the leading edge of technology  -  LYNX upgrades are automatically included in your first year. For as long as you remain an active client, software and documentation upgrades and participation in the LYNX enhancement request process, form a part of our ongoing commitment to quality service.

Problem solving ... the team approach  -  Long aware of the greater effectiveness, quality and savings possible through a team approach, we believe that we best serve our clients by working closely with you.  By finding the right solution for one, we can often benefit many.  We encourage your participation in the ongoing development of LYNX ... from the enhancement request process to the forum of our annual User Conference where we share ideas and create solutions.

On-site application consulting - Client application consulting provides our professional geoscientists on-site, dedicated to optimizing the implementation of our software products for client applications and their integration within a client's infrastructure. Application consulting services include -

We offer specialist consulting services for 3D characterization and visualization of the geological subsurface based on our integrated software technology and in-house computing resources. Consulting service applications include the following.

Our comprehensive consulting services eliminate the requirement for client-site modeling facilities.

Educational seminars and short courses are designed to emphasize the practical application of 3D computer techniques in the geosciences, illustrated by case studies and hands-on computer applications. These are available both as open, scheduled events and, by arrangement, as in-house corporate or university events.