Software Solutions for Mining, Environmental and Geotechnical Applications

LYNX is an integrated software system for management, visualization, interpretation, prediction and spatial analysis of geoscience information, and engineering design, planning, production and surveying of surface and underground excavations. The features of LYNX are summarized below and supported by linked technical information sheets.

· Motif Graphics Interface

· 3D Data Management

· Geological Interpretation

· Geostatistical Analysis and Estimation

· Geological Engineering

· Underground Mining

· Surface Mining

· LYNXview Configuration

· Licensing Information

· System Requirements 

Third Party Products and Tecnical Services

We work closely with third-party software suppliers to ensure that our clients receive the best possible solutions. In addition to the data interfacing functionality listed above, LYNX provides direct data compatibility with the third-party software products listed below. These are available as bundled LYNX solutions.

· MineWorks Planner from CREST Software (South Africa) ... Windows95/NT software for mine planning and production scheduling.

For further information on LYNX or third-party products please contact Lynx Geosystems directly.