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· Improve Mine Grade Control with LYNX: Download an illustrated article summarizing the benefits of Direct Volume Estimation for mine grade control applications. (MS Word 6.0 format, zipped, 75kb). February 22 1998

· LYNX Version 4.8: now available ... a summary of the new features. October, 1998

· LYNX Innovation - Direct Volume Estimation: a geostatistical technique for mine planning and grade control. January 19 1998

· Changes at Lynx Geosystems: Lynx has recently undergone a major reorganisation. The LYNX system is now being developed and supported by Lynx Geosystems S.A. (Pty) Ltd., based in Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition, a Lynx development and support office is being maintained in Vanouver, Canada. Mark Stoakes heads the Vancouver support and Simon Wigzell continues to lead the Lynx development team. Simon has recently returned from a 2 month stint in South Africa, training the Lynx SA staff in the use of Lynx development tools and practices.

Lynx South Africa has a wide range of experience in developing technical software. Pierre de Hill, Managing Director of Lynx SA, is a mining engineer (University of Pretoria, 1980) with 7 years' production experience up to the level of underground manager. He has been Managing Director of Lynx SA for the past 8 years. Lynx SA currently employs a staff of 14, including several full-time programmers. Lynx SA has developed the MineWorks Collection which includes mine survey and draughting systems. In addition, Lynx SA works closely with three other software groups ,employing a further 11 staff, and are co-authors of core logging, sample database software, mine scheduling using activity networks and mine planning using linear programming optimization techniques.

The revised company structure offers new energy and new opportunities for improving the Lynx products. Lynx 4.8 is now available on CD-ROM to all users currently covered by support. July 20, 1998.