Lynx Geosystems

Software Solutions for Mining, Environmental and Geotechnical Applications

Lynx is committed to providing innovative, integrated software solutions to the geosciences.

We believe that a strong alliance with our clients, employees and industry leaders will overcome the technical challenges of today and tomorrow.

We develop practical solutions that increase productivity and integrate the work environment.

Lynx has provided software solutions and support services for mining, environmental and geotechnical applications since 1987. Our international client base covers the exploration, evaluation, production, consulting and research sectors.

Our LYNX product is an integrated software technology for management, visualization, interpretation, prediction and spatial analysis of geoscience information, and engineering design, planning, production and surveying of surface and underground excavations. LYNX provides full networking and data sharing capabilities and operates in stand-alone or distributed, multi-user production environments. All LYNX installations provide unlimited access to the LYNXview configuration, making LYNX the ideal solution for corporate dissemination of geoscience information. LYNX integrates the best features of both Unix and Windows 95/NT platforms with X-emulation technology. In summary … LYNX integrates your data sources, your applications, and your work environment … and its integrated Motif graphics interface ensures productivity.

We have been innovators in software technology since inception. Our Volume Modeling technology was the first three-dimensional, vector-based modeling technique in the geosciences … fully integrated with 3D geostatistics … and capable of precise representation of almost any degree of geological complexity. Our most recent innovation is Direct Volume Estimation (see News) … a grade estimation technique for irregular volumes that eliminates conventional block (grid) representations and provides practical benefits to mine planning and grade control. It also provides major advantages for precise representation and grade estimation of thin seam deposits.

By working closely with our clients, and listening to their requirements, these and other innovations have been implemented as practical solutions to the technical challenges of the geoscience workplace. LYNX has evolved out of a close collaboration between our clients and our dedicated team of development and support personnel. We also work closely with third-party software suppliers to ensure that our clients receive the best possible solutions.

LYNX is complemented by support services provided by geoscience professionals. User training, site installation, application support, integration in the work environment, and systems and application consulting are available directly or through our network of representatives in Europe, Latin America, Africa and China.