LYNX Applications in the Geosciences
Software Solutions for Mining, Environmental and Geotechnical Applications

LYNX is an integrated software technology for management, visualization, interpretation, prediction and spatial analysis of geoscience information, and engineering design, planning, production and surveying of surface and underground excavations.

· Evaluation and Planning for an Underground Mineral Deposit

· 3D Modeling Benefits Military Clean Up

· 3D Geostatistical Modeling for Hanford Waste Site

· Geotechnical Characterization for a Tunnel Project

· Improved Confidence in an Open Pit Viability Study

· LYNX Images from the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization

· LYNX Images from the Application of DVE to a Thin Seam

LYNX Links

·   Colenco Power Engineering in Switzerland applies LYNX to hydro-geological characterization for hazardous waste management projects.

·   "3D Geoscience Modeling - Computer Techniques for Geological Characterization" by Simon Houlding, published by Springer-Verlag.

·  Subsurface characterization for hydrogeological studies at the proposed Yucca Mountain radio-active waste storage site by Los Alamos National Laboratory.

·   "Use of Stratigraphic Models as Soft Information to Constrain Stochastic Modeling of Rock Properties: Development of the GSLIB-LYNX Integration" by C.A.Rautman and M.V.Cromer, Sandia National Laboratory.